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5 Sales Tactics For Maximizing Your Efforts Over The Holiday
by Peter C. Rathmann on June 28th, 2017

I hear it every year.  "We'll never get anything done with the holiday next week".

The holiday happens every year so not sure what the big surprise is but here are 5 sales tactics that you can use to help create activity where you didn't think there could be any.
  1. Before the actual 4th, use a mail merge tool to target message prospects, customers, partners, and past customers about future dates to meet.  If they are working as hard as you, they might respond or they will at least have the message waiting for them when they get back.
  2. Go visit your prospects, customers, partners, and past customers that are working just as hard as you are.  Not everyone takes days other than the actual 4th off so take the time to meet with contacts that are available.
  3. Host a pre-holiday party.  Invite your prospects, customers, partners, and past customers to your facility for a holiday cook out or better yet, go over and cook for their employees that are working on the 3rd or 5th.  Remember, you do not make friends with salad!  
  4. Use your data and internal resources for planning the next 6th months.  The year is 1/2 over.  What customers are up?  What customers are down? What new targets should you go after? Where are the gaps or opportunities in the markets?  Who should you be talking to that can give you money or knows the people that can?
  5. Go with your delivery or service teams to help and say thank you to customers that are getting deliveries and services.  Can't have great sales conversations unless you are in front of people so no better time to talk about next orders when you are delivering the current one.
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